Archery outdoors at Bondi

Pack your gear and take it to Bondi on Sundays. Shooting at distances of up to 90m is on offer at Sydney Archery Bondi. The range is located at Hugh Bamford Reserve, North Bondi. This picturesque location has views over Bondi Beach, the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House.

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Indoor Archery at Rozelle

Archery is a sport of focus and concentration, enhancing physical fitness along with mindfulness and stress management.

Archery is an internationally contested sport both outdoors and indoor. Sydney Archery has made it possible for archers to now participate in both styles of archery.

The Indoor Experience centre is a flexible venue providing 9 lanes at the full 18m international indoor archery distance. Beginners are welcome and we are open every Friday Night from 6pm only.

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